CIASS: Simulation of Scenarios based on Cross-Impact Analysis

CIASS (Cross-Impact Analysis & Simulation Software) is a powerful tool developed by the management consulting organization Sinergy and Pablo de Olavide University, both located in Seville (Spain). This tool has been designed to support decision-making under high uncertainty conditions through the analysis and generation of scenarios by applying the Cross-Impact Analysis (CIA) method. This method has proved to be very useful in order to shape the interaction results of multiple and interlinked parameters’ in complex and dynamic systems

CIASS may be used in a wide variety of applications such the cross-impact analysis of interdependences in order to protect critical infrastructures, assessment of courses of action for emergencies management, generation of scenarios based on dynamic risks for the project management environment or risk assessment to ensure a successful entrepreneurship.


MISSION TRACK: assistance system for emergency management

Organizations are facing threats which can cause great damage and jeopardize its viability. Hence, they must be prepared beforehand to respond effectively by elaborating action plans to limit damage propagation.

Nevertheless, this emergency response plans are presented in different formats such as documents or data sheets that show little effectiveness at an emergency situation by making it impossible to respond in an effective manner.

MISSION TRACK is a system aimed at helping operational deployment, monitoring and controlling mission critical systems which provide the notification, activation, information about the response plan and a record of the actions for emergency management.   

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